Content removal is a online directory of .torrent files. We do not store any files to download on our server, but we only link to .torrent files - binary hash files keeping information about some other files. Our website is fully automatized. This means that we are crawling other torrent websites and trackers, indexing them, and then linking to torrent files they offer. We do not have any kind of tracker or another script connected with downloading files.

Our server is located in the country, where it is completely legal to link to some binary hash files (.torrent files in our case). Although we do not provide single byte of warez (you need special application and some other people for that, which are offering these files for downloading) and we recommend to contact these individuals or tracker owners, if you really want to permanently removed copyrighted material from the internet, we respect american DMCA law.

If your copyrighted material has been indexed by and you want this material removed, please use this form below:

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We will reply to and clear EVERY request. We will not process messages missing any information listed above. Please notice it may take up to 72 hours to process your request. Don't bother sending your request to our ISP, domain registrar or anyone else - it will only take MORE time to process your request, as all messages are forwarded to our email address anyway. We will inform you about the progress by email.